Longhair Dachshunds

Our Longhair Dachshunds!

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Eska von Lotenthal


Born: 24/09/2005


Out of: Decker van de Singelhoek


Zapette von Lotenthal


About: She is my first dachshund, the start of our kennel, the Leader of the pack... She is a tough and bright little girl, follows me everywhere i go. She is enjoying her retirement in our livingroom!!


Opal Chatka Jamnika

Born: 03/08/2015


Out of: Della Winner Canis of Czech


Jagoda Chatka Jamnika


About: Spirited,cheerful lady,who's plays with the

wind and rain.

Lalka Chatka Jamnika


Born: 08/11/2012


Out of: Tarantella Rus Malenkiy Prins


Jagoda Chatka Jamnika

About: Only rabiet that hold the pack in motion,possessive

about her toys.

Which therefore each required to play with her game.

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